Why Does History Repeat Itself?

Part Two: The Devil Is in the Details

In part one of this topic, I discussed how an inability to remember and learn from our past mistakes causes us repeat them. But there’s more to it than just mere forgetfulness. Satan is a true master of manipulation. Even in the Garden of Eden, which was Heaven on Earth, he found a way to make humans discontent. Mankind already had perfection, yet he was still successful in convincing Adam and Eve that it still wasn’t enough. This discontentment has preceeded every downfall of mankind.

What Satan has always promised us is beauty, luxury, and extravagance while having peace, love, and charity without any leaders to tell us what to do. In essence Utopia. He tells us we can have our cake and eat it too. But what is being offered is merely an illusion. One that has never existed and never will because Utopia is different for everone. Pursuing our own idea of perfection results in immediate division, which is what Satan really wants.

We long for Utopia because we were created for it. Heaven is Utopia, but Satan focuses our sights on self-reliance and on having what we want when we want it. Wanting to having things on our own timetable causes us to reject God. As though we could have it all without him. He promises something he can’t deliver. But the mere promise is enough to tear us apart. We begin to turn on each other as we strive to create our own personal Utopia. We are plagued with the thought of “I’ll be happy when….”. This desire for more makes us instantly dissatisfied with our current lives.

Its time for us to wake-up frim this dream he has placed in our minds. There will never be a perfect political because they are all human and therefore fallible. We will never have riches, fame, and power while maintaining moral and ethical standards, because that is the cost. There can be no perfect religious leader aside from Christ because he defeated sin where all the rest fail. What good is physical beauty if we are ugly on the inside? What good are riches if we’re morally bankrupt? What good is power or prestige if it costs us our soul?

You can’t have have it all because some things are in direct opposition to each other. You can’t serve God and money. You can’t be selfless and selfish. Standing against corruption forces you to sacrifice power. Choosing to be generous will cost you riches. Choosing to put others first requires sacrifice. So make your choice. As for me and my house we, will serve the Lord.

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